What Is Behind These Eyes

You have no idea what is behind these eyes!
Because they may be enclosed,
Within an approachable package...
Some may accept or oppose.
Does not freeze feelings felt,
When someone chooses to expose...
Expressions spewed to deliver.
That I have been dealt!
Expecting that I should refute those I despise.
And let them disappear from wounds I may hide.
I do not deny my emotions a full ride.

Nothing intended to inflict,
Goes within me to just ignore!
Trust me.
I may not carry grief on my sleeve.
Or share a healing from a hurt!
But I do not forget,
A pain I have felt.
Just to turn another cheek!
Or a hurt.
Done with dirt.

I am made of flesh!
Not concrete to be stepped upon!
Although I am blessed to show,
I can undergo constant renovation!
But the framework of my foundation,
Is not without its memories.

Believe me...
Those are kept treasured!
With every lesson taught,
Not too far from observations kept!
Whether or not,
They are brought out into the open.
There is a history reviewed,
I know much better than you!
You have no idea what is behind these eyes!
No more than I know what is behind yours.
That is why I have grown to respect,
And not disrespect what I can identify!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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