What Is Bought To Sell

No one is going to use against me,
What I have done with a knowledge...
And intent,
To circumvent my integrity.
With a belief my deeds were done secretly.
And something discovered,
Would rush me into a hiding place to dwell
When privately I had my fingers crossed,
Hoping my activities...
Would stir controversy to get.

Somehow hypocrites perceive,
A researching to dig up dirt on someone else...
While keeping their deceptions to themselves,
Allows a visible charading available exits to provide...
Safe escapes with a hope their doings can not be traced.
And those not masquerading self-righteousness,
Become fair game to expose with disclosure...
Indiscretions to embarrass followed by a demeaning meant.

They kid themselves!

After spending most of my life in the entertainment field,
Those in it are not dedicated to profess innocence to confess.
People devoted to this profession adapt to diversity.
With a knowing what it takes to address popularity.
And with a doing to keep themselves relevant at its best.
Since those connected to relevance and its purpose,
Are not trying to protect...
What is bought to sell to those with kept pretentions.

'It took us 'years' to find some dirt on you.'

It took you YEARS?
All you had to do was to ask.
And I spent years before 'that',
Putting that trash together.
And now it's just 'dirt' to you?
I am appalled.
You could have had that trash fresh!
'Twerking' is the rage.
Live sex bores.
And seeing people naked,
To admit they are whores...
Is as common as same sex people getting married.
I would not belive I would see the day...
When admitting being attracted to the opposite sex,
Upsets and offends those protesting against them.
Get out of my face you're too late with your nonsense.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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