What Is Brought To This Table

What is brought to this table
Is experience.
Don't ask me what I bring!
It is certainly more than 'things'.
What you have...
May have had impressed others,
But here?
No experience equals no depth!
Those 'things' you offer?
In my heart do not endear!
And you may give me shade...
As you pass me in public view.
Thinking that may rain on my parade!
Since that's the only thing for me you can do!
I'm quick to offer folks like you nonexistence,
In my mind and in my life!
You have no idea my 'aloneness' is something
I do not fear.
It has helped me clear wasteless utensils...
By the ups and downs I have witnessed!
And you 'and' your 'things' can disappear.
Am I making your vision any clearer?
They do not provide anything I will ever cherish.
I am not seeking to feed or nourish on that!
Trust me!
I have been served too much garbage.
It has taken years to discover my own taste!
And what I crave most,
Is being away from folks like you.
You are no appetizer to even consider.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

feel proud of experience...it's worth infinitely more than 'Things'..excellent.
Hauh hahu gotta love it