JA (11-13-92 / Lexington, Kentucky)

Feed The Pigeons

The subway rides thru fields of steel
The lost horizon shines over the sea
All these dreams walk like the desert
Go see the fortune telling tower
Speakers blare and call the cave dwellers
Town square fills with snake oil
Open the curtains and let the circus play
Repeat the same droll lines
Agents of the bold new age
Time slips into paved columns
In the distance night is coming
Feed the pigeons while their alive
Painted cement reflects the sun

The revolution is a whore
Songs and anthems sell cars
Everything is for sale
Deep under the sea symbols sink
Forgetfulness of the base
Dreams drift without color
Opaque sex dressed in silicone
Trampled on by the changelings
Merchants praise the unfettered beast
Eyes on the ceiling of the blue Bogotá
By the park she walks deep in thought
Bulletin boards decorated with happiness
Civil ceremony where loneliness wears violet

We meet amidst the fog that just won’t leave
Scale the slippery language past the system
Love is the awakening of sleeping forests
Buried in tribes calloused with centuries
Gravity pulls the spirit into the inquisition
Visceral expression on the canvass of a glance
We are the numb children of subliminal fortune
Novocain only lasts so long
Sit on the roof and watch the traffic roll
Grass between the sidewalk cracks
She hands me a note
Yes, I am alive
Lets go to a movie

Sirens howl like wild wolves
Streets prowl like hungry lions
Neon lights glow instead of stars
Costumes of red and gold
Children of the night come to play
All the great towers are lit with pride
Music from the strip clubs cry
We walk quietly watching the carnival
Vampires come out at midnight
Hookers and pimps
We head for the river
We sit on a park bench
I think she likes me, I hope so

In the bookstore there is a meadow
Hamlet reads about choices
Choices to sleep or fight
Orwell’s 1984 is such a sweet book
I think I’ll get it for her for Valentines Day
No, I better get her a box of chocolates
She smiles at me like she trusts me
Lets make a cozy corner and invent a new language
I know I need you but we need to stay awake
What do you mean?
It seems something is trying to control us
I think someone wants to steal our inward world
I believe we have a soul

We hold hands and go feed the pigeons

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Comments (3)

I have asked myself this question many times. Well explained and examined. Thanks for answering the most difficult question to answer for us all who suffer. :) -Audrey
This poem is so sad but i like it good write
Very emotional, it was well written, reading this poem i knew exactly what you must have been going through. As at that age i felt the same. Infact most young kids and teenagers feel like this too, alone and depressed. Just remember your not alone. x x nicola x x