What Is Due Is Owed

Those choosing to calculate their wickedness,
Are the last to consider...
The price they pay for the doing of it.
And when the time comes,
For what is due is owed with no exceptions to pay...
Those wicked are on the scene seen weeping,
Unexpecting the price to pay to be as high!
Believing their tears to cry...
Is payment enough to be empathized.

'Well done.
We would like for you,
To hop on one foot in moving traffic.
Can you do that? '

~I don't know.
I've never done that before.~

'Don't worry about it.
Turn around.
We are going to blindfold you.'

How do you expect me to survive? ~

'We are doing nothing to your hands,
Or fingers.
While hopping you could either wave.
With one hand.
If you choose,
Hold both hands up with fingers crossed.
Who knows...
Perhaps someone wont think of you,
As a target.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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