What Is Felt To Feel

Who can forget,
That which for them had existed.
To honestly admit,
They have no recollection.
Or it is not reminisced?
Lieing like this has become tradition.

Even one going through the motions,
Has some consciousness of doing it.
And those devoted to their movements,
May step away momentarily...
But often discover a returning back,
To that which is they know is missed.

No one lives to love without arguments.
Or to slam a door to then be forgiven.
But mentions it,
When the doing is used strategically.
People will keep others reminded,
Of their misdeeds.

Who can forget,
That which for them had existed.
Like someone loved or another despised.
People are aware what is felt to feel inside.
Even though some may choose,
To lie to themselves in the comfort of denial.

Although few may make attempts,
To disguise to others what they pretend.
With it done and meant.
It doesn't stay that way.
Even for the one feeling what comes,
When it does.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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