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What Is Happening
CH (10 of December 1989 / Atherton)

What Is Happening

Poem By Caitlin Hazel ......

can you hear me when i call your name
i cant help but wounder if you feel the same
the way you treat me makes me feel nothing but shame
the way you act is like its nothing but a game

i sit up at night and cant help but cry
i think about whats happened and cant help but wounder why
all i am is your toy and it makes me feel self conscious and shy
you will never love me no matter how hard i try......

i know that this has gone on to long
i dont know why i ever bothered with you
all i know is i am done
you better believe me when i say we are through

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Comments (3)

I totally feel your pain Caitlan. Nice work.
Nothing worse than being taken for granted. If the feelings aren't equal on both sides, no matter how hard you try, it's just not in the cards. You're young and you have your whole life ahead of you. There's a pot for every lid, so they say - you'll find yours when you're ready. Have faith and keep writing - it's good for the soul. Nice work! Linda
love given and not retureurned is nothing but pain huh? ? you dnt need him anyways... Love it tho Kaila -xXx-