What Is Her Name?

Fighting all odds her beauty was sold
Exchanging her features so you won't be cold
Bearing while smiling nature's great pain
Giving up beauty for new life to gain

Lying uncomfortable waking at night
Growing inside her bearing new light
Each passenger travelling closer the day
God made her stronger than men l will say

She looks in two mirrors still wearing the smile
Her body's new changes more than a while
Nothing more fits as she bears mornings sick
Pushing a new day hands feel the kick

Men never know the questions she share
The full weight of pain that new life made bear
All in the name of new life now gather
Hold her real close, I call her Mother...

Arno Le Roux 2015

by Arno Le Roux

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Wow! A really wonderful tribute to Mothers everywhere. You have described bearing a child so quietly delicate, it is an amazing feat! Thank you so much Arno for these beautiful thoughts of Motherhood. RoseAnn