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What Is Important Now
EB ( / Earth)

What Is Important Now

The light came and went away
The eyes closed
The body waned, the power fell
And slumber crept it's way across my fading conciousness

What is important now?
Now that I lay me down to rest
What is important now?

I cannot see my face
I might be seven
Though I know that cannot be
Inside I feel no differently, than then

Here I have no proof of what I am
Of what I have
Or in what land
As all is dark

And as my body drifts away
I have a thought...................
I start!
What did I say?

Ah yes, what is important now?
Now, before I pass into oblivion
Without a memory of what I am
Without so much a helping hand

Now all my worries, thoughts unspoken
Deeds done, undone
Dreams broken

Will fit into the matchbox on the floor
Of no significance now
So small
So whats the worry for

So what's important now?

Ingredients for Life

The rest?
Fits in the matchbox on the floor

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Comments (1)

Thanks. Your poem made me Meditate into it, loosing my thoughts, just flowing with the 'Ingredients for Life'.