What Is, Is What's Done

Do you have a number that has always stuck
out more than the rest
Or maybe a favorite color that always looked
on you the best

Or maybe your choices have not been yours at
Because somehow it was always written to you
on the wall

Did these things just appear to you with eyes
closed, inside your head
Or was it the color of your room
Or maybe the posters above your bed

Was your favorite toy all created from a fresh
mind, cleared from outside thoughts
Or was it seen in the hands of another
Or maybe advertised on tv and then sought

When you took your first ball of clay and was
asked to mold whatever you want
Was it something created soley by your own
Or was it an animal, a person, place or thing
that was taught

This could go on forever
And it does in everyone
We cannot avoid it
And nothing to make it better
Because 'What is, is What's Done'!

by Katherine Perry

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Nice poem. For me its like a stroke out of the corner. Is this like experience when we're growing up. I like this poem. I'll rate it to 8.