What Is It?

What is it?
Is it the sweet warm nightfall redolent with fragrant flowers
that shadow the soul in an intoxicating veil or
the bitter cold of a winter dusk
freezing the body and numbing the mind?

Is it the carefree stroll among the clouds so high up
that eternity shines far in the distance or
the dangerous passage along a half-destroyed bridge
balancing between truth and lie whereas endless chaos awaits below?

Is it the crystal clear water bubbling down the mountain slope
that happily joins the quiet deep river gliding among the grassy land or
the uncontrolled fire that rushes ruthlessly into the open ocean
heading to its dark predefined destiny?

Is it the one thousand summer times treasured in every heartbeat
that lead to endearing sweet reveries or
the cynical facades of logic with myriads of guilt-ridden thoughts
seizing the brain and darkening the sunlight?
What is it?

by Leloudia Migdali

Comments (6)

The bitter cold of winter dusk! Nice work.
Leloudia, what a beautiful poem! Nicely done dear! Big hugs
beautifully done.these questions will always make people wonder.loved it.
Leloudia, what an amazing, thought provoking poem, I enjoyed every word. Loyd
Love has different shades.You have painted your emotion wonderfully.
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