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What Is It

She sat on that bench
He lay in that trench
Neither of them knew
That there chances were few
The rain poured down
They had to frown
She hurried to the bus stop
He ran to the buildings top
He looked down and saw her
She was wrapped in what looked like fur
She looked up and saw him
Standing at the buildings rim
They thought they were right
Neither of them put up a fight
The held hands
Without any demands
They walked to the edge
And jumped off the ledge
They were happy and kissed
Never knowing what they missed
There love was pure
And death was the cure
Two lovers fell
No one could tell
That they died
There was nothing to hide
No one with to confide
It seemed two people had gone
But nothing was wrong
No people stood to look
No one knew the courage it took
They lived for 18 year
There dying shouldn’t have been so near
Neither of them had fear
They didn’t cry
There spirits didn’t die
They smiled down
They no longer frown
Death wasn’t right
But they didn’t fight
Love was power
Like the life of a flower
The seasons switch
And they found a glitch
Maybe if we are happy when we die
People wouldn’t cry!
They were good folk
They were like an eggs yolk
They thought they did well
Until they fell
Then they knew they were incorrect
They had learned from their neglect
Death isn’t the key
And it isn’t you and me
What could it possibly be?

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