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What Is It About Love?

what is it about love...
that we adore
what is it about love...
that we crave for
what is it about love...
that can make a heart sing-
for a heart is just an organ a blood pumping thing
like a stomach or brain
it can cause so much pain
so why does this thing represent love?
why does that shape fit the word like a glove?
and why is it that our hearts seem to break,
when it is beatings that hearts are meant to make?
but if a heart was truely broken-
no more words would be spoken-
because you would be dead
that is why it is better to feel love with your head.
still ill choose my heart instead

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Lara thats a interesting way to look at love. I found myself asking the same questions that you stated in your poem... mind wanders now... well written poem thanks for sharing.