What Is It My Friend

What is it that disturbs you my friend....lean on me until the end
What is it that wraps your thoughts of hell....tough to speak, you just don't tell
What is it that has unraveled your mind....you see the world as just so unkind

What is it that has your eyes closed to the light....no horror to behold, open them up even on this night
What is it that has your head pointed down....rather live in sin and just frown
What is it that moves you so slow....have the courage to feel the glow

What is it that has you in doubt....let it go, know what it's all about
What is it that makes you hate....change the ways of your soul, it's not too late
What is it that makes you not really care....ignore the good, oh how you dare

What is it that makes you wish to lie....would you rather just whither and die
Your time is now, no longer a slave....it's up to you, to not be put in that grave
One second, one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, one decade....
As long as you have the inner light you desire, you will not fade

by Dave Shemeley

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