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What Is It That Stands Between Us?
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

What Is It That Stands Between Us?

Poem By David Lacey

Back again to see the day,
To see through skies another way.
Through pastel shades we fade away
Blissful in the night.

What it is I’ve done
Where did I go wrong?
Maybe there’s nothing more to this,
Maybe it won’t last long
This happiness I’m feeling.

Dazed, blazed confused, you know, crazed.
Ripped. Torn. Worn out at the seams.
Coming apart, slowly but surely we fall in endless dreams
And close our eyes we drift into the night
And everything’s o.k. for a little while, everything’s alright.

You know you can come back with me now
To way back when
We’d sit around in uniform and maybe then
Dance away the blues at night
To scared to face the daemons that awaited us in the day realm.

The source is drained,
Go close your eyes,
Slip on over to the dark side,
The other side of morning.

Another way to see it through
Another way to blue and back again
All for you my friend
To dance the night aflame.

Dreams fulfill desire, open up your minds eye.
Perceive the reality around you, a shambles.
Take a little gamble, you know, take a step outside.

Shape, mould desire into each and every form,
Break away from the norm, you know, its all an illusion.
Shake away the sleep from your eyes,
Torn away from bloodshot skies,
Another day is born.

As the new dawn fades,
As shades of grey
Follow in our footsteps.

Keep on keeping on, sweet dreams ever onwards.
Don’t languish too long in temptation,
Redemption lies beyond your shoulder.
What is it that stands between us?
I see no diversion in your path,
All I ask is you sit back and laugh awhile
Await the time to pass.

What does it mean?
How do you feel?
Does it make it any more real
That your dreams are scattered evermore.

Are you ever going to stop and think?
Sink a while, and wallow
Swallowed, engulfed within realm of nonsensical values,
Who could complain? Not I, I’d do it all again.

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