CH (23 December / New Zealand)

What Is Life?

I was asked the other day,
'In what do you believe? ',
So i sat and pondered,
About what life meant to me.
Is it just a riddle,
Whos answers are so clear,
But the question is too twisted,
For any mortal to ever hear?
Is it just a game,
In which we cannot win,
For the race has always ended,
Before we can begin?
Is life just a battle,
In which we all must fight,
For a greater victory,
In which we have no right?
Is life just a sex toy,
We all use for our pleasure,
Where we gain our triumphs,
Too immense to ever measure?
Is life just a feeling,
That by the time we feel,
We realise its gone past us,
And wonder 'Was it real? '

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All of the above. Nice writing. cheers Patricia