What Is Life?

A breath in trance;
An incessant struggle;
An elfin joy;
An eternal hope;
A phenomenal routine;
A chronicle’s page;
Another breath in trance.

by Abha Sharma

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Hey is LFE really like this? ? wonderful that we still have life..
I wish life would have been like this... but in rality, it's a never ending itch!
'A breath in trance '. What do I make of this? I find this to be a more fascinating question than the one which inspired it. Perhaps, it is known in the east. In the west, there is no life or' breath in trance'. If I see a' breath in trance ', I shall tell you. That you will know that there is still life in the west. GW62
Dear Abhaji, Well written.... Here in Cochin, everything is a mess... So I feel: Life is a neverending itch!
My Sincere and Talented Friend; Abha; I'm happy to convey my opinion of your poem, 'What is Life' Do I address its content or literary value? Excellent for both? ? There was a time, many years past, when as a fledgling, I discovered poetry as therapy' My personal feeling then were expressed in terms of pain, depression and inquiry. Recovering, I winged off to quill for more unselfish purpose, indeed, for 'Living' life and messaging for Love and Peace. The following is by far, the best guidance I will ne'er forget of which I happily share with everyone. ...louie levy Horace (65 B.C.-8B.C.) aptly commented: 'Let your theme be what it may, provided it be simple and uniform; choose a theme suited to your powers, ye authors.' Beyond all doubt Levy’s theme sprouts out of his deep instinctive wisdom, which inspires him to say that we should be aware: Prophet, Profiteer, and Activist, All are one and the same ('Prophets And Predictions', Taj Mahal, June 2006, p.21) Dr Santosh Kumar, Editor http: //
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