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What Is Life?

LIFE...What is the definition of life? A fight a struggle or a light? ...Why does a rock stay still and why do people become ill..Mistakes, success and pain..Insecurities, jealousy and fame..Regrets, sins and blame. Were we born to die or were we born to thrive..We destroy who we love..What is life? Why is there choices, why cant we go down the path thats right. Hurt and pain overwhelm my happiness, what is life? Disfunction, manipulation, non ability to fight..Faith is slim God must be my only guide. Im sorry for not doing life right..If only i could go back..What is life? Why so many broken pieces..What is life? If i kno im going to drown do i let go or holdon tight..An after life? A ticking time bomb, exactly how much time..Is destiny on our side? What is life? Ive lived and I've learned it has been no easy task. Many ups and downs as i recap my past..I refuse to break i refuse to accept more pain, if only i could go back for goodness sake. What is life..A fight, a struggle or a light....

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