I was told to take a leaf from someone else’s book
I didn’t really know just what they meant
And so I plundered on without a second look
And before I knew it, everything was spent

I’ve always had this notion that I’m quite insane
The voices often tell me that it’s true
I’ve several reasons why my life is just a game
And more or less there’s nothing I can do

Emotions run at breakneck speed and haunt my thoughts
The varied nature of them, leave me stressed
And every day I sacrifice things I’ve been taught
That’s more than likely why my head’s a mess

Imagination is a tortuous place for me
All sorts of themes and stories fill my days
And nothing that makes sense can solve this mystery
Of how I channel all these jumbled ways

So all I do is give in to the madness
I juggle words and try to make them flow
Sometimes it feels my life is under some distress
And how I will control it, I don’t know

And yet, I feel like nothing can control it
I’ve come to terms with being quite the fool
Through years of countless nonsense I’ve established
I’ve been like this since I first went to school

by Phil Soar

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just live and see life, good one, go on..