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...What Is Love?
SR (12/09/1988 / KERAKAT, JAUNPUR)

...What Is Love?

…What is Love?
An allusion, sardonic smile, black dove,
Jedburgh justice to a noble, hearty fiddle
Bacchic Frenzy sojourning young mind
Cadmean victory or Sphinx’s riddle
Barmecide’s feast, impossible to find
Judas’ kiss…What is Love?

A marriage of true minds by Jove
An emotion…vibrant and serene,
A Knight raising flag of Truth, Peace and Amity,
Union of two souls, two hearts, a signal green,
Mother of all creation, sanguine, amorous deity,
Oracular utterance, …What is Love?

From the time of my birth till I fell in love,
Umpteen times I’ve thought, but the day I met thee,
I saw, felt, believed that love is true and certain
I learned its meaning, It exists in me,
But to say ‘What love is? ’ Methinks, is impossible to attain,
Love is life, Life is Love, if not, then…What is Love?
What is Love? ...

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