What Is Love?

Poem By Candice Darling

What is love?
Everyone Tries To Explain It
But Love Has No Meaning
Its Amazing and Beautiful Some Say
I Say It Destroys You
Love Makes You Weak and Vunerable
Vultures Prey Upon You When Your Heart Is Spread Open
Picking You Clean Of All Your Compassion and Trust
Not Blinking To Think Of The Pain It Will Cause
Pounding Into Your Skull For More
More Love More Lust More Tenderness
When Your Out Of What The Fermen Needs
They Blankly Stare And Wonder How You Could Just Stop Giving
In Reality It T'was Them. Beating and Bashing You
Into A Slight Lovesick Coma
Just For You To Awake and Realize
Your Nothing. Everything Is Gone.
For What?
A Moment Of What Appears To Be A Peice Of Heaven
When In Reality Its Hell Subduing You Into A World Of Darkness.

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