EA (1/23/90 / CA)

The Solitary Man

I watched him from across the room,
His gentle face was etched in gloom.
He sat alone,
Dealing cards with deep concentration,
Each card was stalked then placed
With determination...
One up!
One down!
One atop the other,
The solitary man,
Running for cover,
Playing solitare in the middle of the crowd,
It didn't matter to him that the music was loud...
Others laughed and sang,
They danced all around,
But the solitary man, stood his ground.
One up!
One down!
On his face, now a frown.
This silent warrior,
The guardian of his own time and space,
This solitary man,
Setting his own pace...
He was busy...going nowhere,
In a room full of people,
Playing solitaire.

For John Harvey
Because I said I would!
(At the Sphinx Club in Baltimore, Md.)

by Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

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but for me love is not still Rachel Ann Butler