What Is Love?

Poem By Germina Melius

What is Love?
I cannot find,
A hostage in the hands of time.

People say how good it is,
To love like ants,
And singing bees.

Men think they know,
Why it never dies.
Immortality molded
In Love's ancient life.

Why hearts broken,
If it be like honey
And personality
So melancholy?

I ate a fruit,
It tasted like love (I fell in love)
The bitter melons I adore.

Love's life is filled with emptiness,
Grown in hearts of callousness.

Wonder why Love runs away,
Forgetting hearts,
The ones it knows.

Love died in me one rainy day.
The man I loved drove away.

His Ghost left in my hungry arms.
I hug the air like memories, I keep.
My heart he stamped beneath his feet.
This pain I feel will never cease.

Why stars are hidden
In the hands of night?
Their love so vague
In distant light.

The moon is high in blooming love,
On full-moon nights blossoms above.

Love never tries to be unkind,
I found a man who took my love.

What is love that makes men cry?
A stranger to indifferent minds.

I will never love, if love casts spells.
When I fall time will tell.

Good love makes me cry,
The adjective, I cannot comprehend.

Comments about What Is Love?

Love was when you loved the man who ran away But your love will always stay - Love does hurts here and there, and you aren't alone.
Write comment. Such a nice poem, Germina. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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