there is a ribbon from the sunset
the wind shifts
and the trees turn away

this is the time of day I love
and fear
before despair and fade to black

angry palms throw their frailness
in a stream of air
a silver eye pierces a gray cloud

sunset is exactly like love
like gold melted
to copper is a reverse alchemy

there is a ribbon of blushing pink
then the violet
the velvet crushing agony of night

and yet the fool in me bows down
blinded in the glare
conjuring day and atomic kisses

by Barry Middleton

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Dear fellow poet Harry Bryant, I give you 10 (ten) . Your love as sunshine, rain as everything fall and shines in the heart. Thanks, for sharing, and in return I offer to you my new poems EROS-PTEROS, APHRODITE AND LI BAI, You may grade them/ or just comment(or other poems you may like eg the awarded TITANIC NO 2, THE WINDOW, THE OTHER BIRD etc) . I will read also other poems of yours. J.Josephides (Member of the Intern.Society of Poets (ISP, ILP awarded)