What Is Love?

Nobody know the true meaning of love
Only the feeling
Love can be felt by true hearts to feel real love.
I may not know what love is
But what I can say is that it happens within a blink of an eye.
Just like my mother’s love when she first saw me.
The first time she set eyes on me,
When she gave birth to me

A word unexpected
But yet so powerful,
So full of joy, it brings peace.
The word that holds the world together
The word that will live on through mankind forever.

by Ricardo Phillips

Comments (2)

'Love can be felt by true hearts to feel real love.' What is love? We can feel, really difficult to answer in brief. Yes, love is like that a mother feels for his child. 10+++
Those who feel the love they know the meaning of life. it's true.! ! ! ! ! ! ! !