What Is Love?

What is love?
So difficult to say,
What is this feeling,
That doesn’t go away?

It strikes us out of the blue,
When we least expect it,
It strikes by surprise,
We did not detect it.

Now that it is here,
What does it mean for us?
What can it mean to love?
Can we really trust?

What our hearts tell us?
Or is this just a dream?
Is it an illusion,
Flowing through our consciousness,
Just like a stream?

Will it go away?
Or will it remain?
Can we do the right thing?
And try and refrain?

From exploring the unknown,
And feeling the sublime.
From turning love to hate?
An unbearable crime,

What does love give us,
That we didn’t have?
Excitement, pleasure, pain?
Or all of the above?

Can we make it last,
This feeling so real?
To achieve that, we may,
Have to beg, borrow and steal.

But it will all be worth it,
In the very end,
Because to have loved you,
Even for a day,
Would make me transcend,

To the outer limits,
Of what my heart desires,
Igniting many passions,
That burn like intense fires.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (1)

A great definition of love mostly through questions! Beautiful and very intense! At first you talk about love in general, then you bring us to a more personal level, say how it is for you! I believe we can all relate to your experience! What a great work you have! ~~Elya Thorn~~