What Is Love?

What is love to me?

Love is that feeling inside your heart that tells you 'this is right'
Love is that look in her eyes that melts your soul
Love is hearing her say 'I will love you for always'
Love is watching her sleep and never remembering anything quite so beautiful
Love is her laughter singing in my ears
Love is holding her close when she is afraid and telling her it will be OK
Love is looking into her eyes and knowing what she is thinking without a spoken word
Love is looking to the future and seeing no one else but her
Love is the willingness to give my life for hers, to die for her
Love is wanting to make the world stand still so I can do whatever it takes to make her see how sorry I was to have caused her pain
Love is continuing to do so unconditionally,
even if her love for me has died


by Rima Kane

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