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What Is Love?
JR Josh Randall (04/10/1991 / Shakopee, Mn)

What Is Love?

I love you...

3 words,8 letters,1 meaning

is love what we all want, what we desire

is love what we feel when we are with that special someone

is love the pain we feel when they leave us

it is all this and so much more

it is the one feeling that still iludes us

never to be found out

but always within reach

some say its better to have loved and lost

some say love is pointless and nothing but another emotion

i beleive that love is the greatest thing in the world

it gives us strength and courage

and it makes us do crazy things

but you know when you have it

that it is the most precious and delicate thing in the world

some have it, some want it, some have lost it

the question is do you have it?

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