If the blood we have is the same red within
Why discriminate based on the tone of skin?
So what if we are different in the texture of face
It does not deny we are members of the human race

We are all certainly unique in our own special way,
But we are all still human at the end of the day.
We are the same and are smaller parts of one
The same race that lives under the same sun

Too many people in the world seem to lose sight,
Of the importance of unity to build a future so bright
For unity truly is the strongest pillars of success
To keep victory strong and bestow upon us god’s bless

We should work together and give all an equal chance
Trust and love eachother to make our heart dance
Only then can our race stand strong for an eternity,
The obvious secret is none other then the power of unity,

by Daya Nandan

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Love's God or God's Love, It makes no difference with a dove, For its life, was no better, In the hands of an Hunter. it is love and ppure love that matters... beautiful description and i love it. red mine mary to marry and butterflies around
a universal principle- survival of the fittest - finely penned......... overall life itself is a stake where there is the option of foul and fair game to be played.......the choice is in ones hand..... enjoy the game with fairness and love. thanks for sharing/salu
Dear Sir, YOu are simply great and I am excited to know that even at this age u r a luminary. YOu are just unbelievable.
Nature's cosmic design requires much thought to understand the balance of life.and death-all part of the eternal cycle.
very beautiful poem--survival of the fittest but for me what is love? LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF --10 anjali
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