What Is Love?

I sit and wonder,
To ponder about man.
The ones who fall for the body,
And not the brain.
The ones who seek lust,
And not love.
The ones who know not
What love is.
The ones who ascribe lust as love.
The ones who ascribe love
To be the butterflies they feel.
The ones who ascribe love
To be the obsession they feel.
The ones who toy and dwell
With hell but call it jewel.
The ones who seek joy
In disreputed flesh.
The ones in total oblivion of
What truly matters.
The ones, who at the sight of Jack or Jane
Become genetically energetic.
So ridiculously pathetic.
'Prisoners of their genes.'

So, They asked 'What is Love? '
Love isn't anything but holy
If it isn't holy
It is Not Love.

by Abdulwahab Lawal

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nice poem and thank you for posting