The First Cries

Poem By Nikhil Parekh

What is love? I think I know
Let me strive to make you realize
Where it breeds and when it flies
To seek it where should you go?

It fills my heart with deep agony
When people say they lost in love
And turn their eyes into tears hub
And burn every will like a dried tree

O my dear dear real world's lovers!
Love is love I can't dare to compare
For nothing can be like it my dears
To feel it let me introduce an old seer

Some see Him as God Himself incarnate
Some remember Him as Radha's mate
Radha the pious virgin whom He loved
She asked once if He was in Her fate

The question Made Him contemplate
In mysterious way then His lips state
A marriage needs but persons two
And Here is 'You' and there is 'you '

And then they could never meet in life
And virgin Radha never became his wife
Yet today in temples they are together found
You may hear in India 'Radha - Radha' sound

I have a purpose to narrate this tale
To express true Love all words fail
It doesn't matter that you really meet
It's all about still how do you treat

If you in love, how can you fall?
For no step to God makes you fall
And love is God's name indeed
It's in many forms just give heed

Love is in itself a unique reward
He turns into angel who does it
But to apply true love is very hard
Only in few hearts it likes to sit

Comments about The First Cries

Beautiful poem sir ji.
But to apply.... few hearts it likes to sit. इसे एक शायर ने इस तरह समझाया है: मुहब्बत के लिये कुछ ख़ास दिल मखसूस होते हैं ये वो नग़मा है जो हर साज़ पे गाया नहीं जाता (मखमूर दहलवी)
Beautiful depiction of love as a spiritual experience that affects one profoundly, well articulated and nicely penned in good rhyme scheme with insight. Thanks for sharing Prabhakar.
Interesting poem and nice picture. This appears to be the first poem that you have posted on this website. Welcome to Poem Hunter!
A very nice and well penned poem..

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