Poem Hunter
What Is Love
(1957 / Columbus, NE)

What Is Love

What is love?
Is it the pulsing passion of two bodies engorged with the heat of the moment?
Is it the deep emotional moment when two voices promise before friends assembled to love honor and obey?
Is it the moment when a new voice is added, squalling for air and reaching for the breast?
These moments disguise themselves as love.
Love may be buried behind more immediate emotions.
Love is there when anger flairs up over that discarded towel or missed oil change.
Love is there when tiredness and irritation causes an untoward word to launch a fresh pain.
Love is there in the day to day mundane.
Love is not being to imagine a life without the other.
Love is missing the small irritations when your partner is absent.
Love isn’t happiness.
Love isn’t pleasure in the moment.
Love isn’t gifts given.
Love is a binding.
It’s a chain.
True love is inescapable.

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