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What Is Love?
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What Is Love?

Poem By lou lou

Love is true love is blind
Love is magical but really hard to find
Love is wonderful love is bliss
But can you tell by his touch or kiss?

Love is controlling love is free
Love is change to be whatever that person wants you to be
Love is colourful sometimes blue
Love is unpredictable the stupid things it makes you do

Love is mean love is kind
Love is strange ruled by your heart and not your mind
Love is a fire sometimes you get burned
Love is sometimes not nice but it’s a lesson you have to learn

Love is joy love is tears
Love is a person who can help you face your fears
Love is pure love is a gain
There is nothing more special than knowing that person feels the same
Love is all around you love is give an take
So if you love someone you should tell him or her before it’s to late

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Comments (4)

You defined love to the t. Great write.
I think this is definitly one your best poems. It just leaves the reader with that warm feeling as they think about being in love. You just capture their attention. Absolutely amazing. Well done! x-x-x
this poem made me feel really good. I hope you continue to write poems!
OH GOSH, ' WHAT IS LOVE? ' Has so much of Life, Thank you for Sharing with LOVE I Comment on your LOVELY POEM.