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What Is Love?
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What Is Love?

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

I can't give you a definition
For that is not worthy to tell
But i can give you examples
Of something called in most cases hell

Love is like dying
With a beating heart
Love is like trying
With nowhere to start

Love is like falling
With nowhere to land
Love is like a beach
With nothing but sand

Love is like crying
And forgetting for how long
Love is like a test
Where all the options are wrong

Love is like a fairytale
Ending in hate
Love is like being in heaven
And only getting as far as the gate

Love is like an ocean
Gone dry
Love is like a store
With nothing to buy

Love is like waiting
Two weeks at a time
Then realizing at least
Two years have gone by

What else can i say but that
Love is like a cube in a ball
That the only thing worse then having love
Is not having it at all

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True.. Nice piece! Thanks for sharing.