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What Is Man?
AI Adetimilehin Inioluwa (28/01/1994 / Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria.)

What Is Man?

Upon the doorways of Africa's most ancient
Most mystical pathways - is etched
The summary of mankind's travail -
Man know Thyself!
What is Man?
What is man that you are mindful of Him?
What is man!
We are not just some social higher animal
We are not an accidental jumpstart
Of some evolutionary process, nonsense
We are s of divinity running
In compatibility with an operating system called earth.
So great a phenomenon is man that
Even the greek gods could not stay away
Neither could the nephilims nor thor nor the accuser
Our skin colours are great graffitis of lineage,
Legacy and inheritance across the lofty span of time
Our languages are a global accreditation
And affirmation of God's acknowledgment
Of the capacity of united man
The event of babel was not a wickedly intervention
It was a strategic silencing of a formidable rebellion
What is Man?
The ordinary man is a lost man no doubt
So in Seeking for his answers
The ancient man looked to the stars
The modern man looked through his stats
Still nothing seemingly satisfies this inner yearning
What is Man?
The ordinary man is the incomplete product
Of project Eden; a menace of luciferean mutiny
see, Eden was the incubator where God planned
To hatch mankind into the God Kind
God made man in God's own Image
But Adam gave birth after Adam's own likeness
- After the image of His incomplete metamorphosed self
An epic failure of Dramatic Aberrations
What is Man?
This sojourn upon the earth ain't just about
Heaven and Hell, it ain't that cheap
Besides we won't stay in heaven forever
It ain't scriptural, but leave that aside
That's the plot for another piece
What is Man?
life on earth is an initiation procedure
A rite of passage for the adolescence of mankind
Into the community of the Godhead
The administration of the next age
Will not be committed into the hands of
Angels, nor gravitational laws
What is Man?
Man is a mystery incontestable
The envy of all creation
A compressed folder of eternal possibility
The jealousy of beings seen and unseen
The center stage of the intergalactic dance
Of plans, purpose, pursuit
What is man?
The legal administrator of the earth realms
The heirs to the structure of God realms
The mockery to the folly of the luciferean fall
The hope of all creation
What is Man?
A breath in transition to the God Kind
Until he has light as is Spirit
Fire as his soul
And immortality as is body
What is man?
Multiple evolution of a specie with
God as the raw material, the template
And the end product
The absentee quorum in the council of El
What is man?

What am I?
The home to a being too large
For the earth and heavens to house
I am a Ben-Elohim in progress
The progenitor of the seed of God
I am the son of I am
I am man on the journey
To become what man was meant to be
What is man?
What are you?

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This is quite good and goes very deep with much to contemplate on. However you may need to go through it again and fix one or two typos and spelling issues in the context of what you have written.