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What Is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a branch of the Philosophical Sciences
Metaphysics is the study of ontology, epistemology and cosmology
How do you define metaphysics to the average individual?
In simplistic terms, metaphysics is the study of the nature of human
Existence on earth and how we humans are related to the universe

When human beings are born into this world
Metaphysics is interested in when and where we were born!
What is the astrological configuration in the sky when we were born?
What sign of the zodiac do we belong to?
What type of people shall we be compatible with as we grow up?

Being born at a certain time of the year, endows us with certain powers
Will that person be able to access all their natural powers in a life-time?
Shall that person be happy and successful in life?
Will that person be rich and famous?
Shall that person be a leader or a follower?

Metaphysics look into all aspects and facets of human life
Does the type of food we eat everyday affect our life?
By eating certain foods, can human beings live to a hundred years?
Surely, we know the type of liquids we consume daily affect our life
Drunks and alcoholics can tell you more about that

Metaphysics is also interested in our marital life
If human beings are able to discover their soul mates
Shall they live together until deaths do them apart?
If they cannot find their soul mates
How long will they live together before they divorce?

All circumstances considered, human beings possess many powers
We have the power to reason, think, decide and make choices
Many say – as you lay your bed so you shall sleep
Some wonder – if we are all puppets been manipulated by the stars!
Metaphysics ask – is the fault in us or in the stars?
The investigative research continues!

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