What Is Poem

Poem is constellation of words? Nay!
Is poem umbrageous deluding alley ?
Heart is pitcher; colurful foam erupts
Zero essence multiform infinite essay.


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Verily, there are two concepts Is poem a heart? Or the poet's heart a poem? Highly thought provoking indeed
Beautiful depiction of the essence and intricacies of poem insightfully brought forth with conviction. Thanks for sharing Sriranji. Thanks for sharing.
exceptional definition of poem, liked it. thanks for giving a whole new idea.
I like this poem, It is a very good definatoon of poem..Sharing....
###Poem is catching the glimpse, And holding the naught, Flowing in the flow of water, air and heading from Head to heart. It is a journey that has no end. Poem is dying in the stream of words and Feeling the beyond. It is from knowledge to knowingness.
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