EA (1/23/90 / CA)

What Is Poetry?

I wonder through the days
What this tickle is
This tickle in my head
It comes and goes
By the place and time
This mesh of words
Words true to me
These mindless words tickle
They tickle the ever more
For they seem to be emotion
Knocking at my door
They seem to be my thoughts
So I ponder the ever more...
Could it be! Could it be!
That this tickle is important?
This I ponder through the days
So I say
Why not write this tickle down
And so I did and at that moment
O yes! at that moment
I finally knew that this is poetry
These words I write are Distant
Distant memories
Emotions of my past
Some happy some sad
But to say thats life
So i ponder through the days
As i write these words of me
Poetry is much more to me
It speaks my inner thoughts
My true emotion in that time and place
So I say again
What is poetry?
I know, but do you?

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