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What Is Rightfully Mine (In The Works)

Depression made me sad
angry made me mad
these pills have made me numb
I have lost all emotions
so now what do I do
for I cried when I was sad
I screamed inside when I was mad
and now I just sit there staring at the wall
doing nothing
slowly becoming nothing
how do I fight this numbness
it has not only taken my emotions
but my strength as well
for I am left with no energy
I am left with nothing
so how is it
that I claim back what is rightfully mine
for I need my strength
I need my energy
I need to fight this numbness
for maybe happiness
is what lays beyond this numbness
for I have felt everything else but happiness
so it must be next
therefore I must not give up
I no longer want to give in
I want my share of happiness
and I will fight for it
so how do I go about claiming what is rightfully mine
for I have been robbed of so much already and did nothing
this time I will not just sit here
I will not let them rob me of this
I will now fight back
I need this more than ever
I need my strength
I need to win this fight
so I can start my battle for happiness

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What is rightfully yours WIth your fighting spirits Positive Shall be conquered March tall.......round the corner..............Happiness awaits! UnNoticed, UnKnown Poetess fine! !
Oh, the numbness the misery brokers dispense. Underlying spirit of defiance is refreshing.