So Many

So many times I watched you pass
So many words unspoken between
So many nightfalls with only dreams
So many days dawning without you
So many visions foreseen in my view
So many feelings we only mean
So many smiles we'll only share
So many wows that follow near
So many thoughts I'll only think
So many actions I'll take and also wink
So many things I want to endure
So many but only when I'm sure
So many questions why on my brain
So many reminders to the reasons
So many inside jokes that's shared
So many shirts of mine you'll wear
So many ways everything turn
So many empty feelings left dead
So many thoughtful thoughts unsaid
So many ways to express oneself
So many times such things undone.

by Jamal Downes

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I have always loved this Poem and quoted it many many times over the years- yesterday was a perfect June day in my area of the Country and thought about this Poem a lot- I just celebrated my 77th Birthday!
I memorized this poem when I was 16 and working in the vineyards of the finger lakes of New York.