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What Is The Meaning Of Life

What is the meaning of life
Is it to just have a husband or a wife,
Or is it to buy, and then to comply
Maybe it is to combat boredom and strife.
Perhaps we are here to build
Or maybe to watch and maintain a field,
Possibly to work and try, and not to question why
I definitely hope not for a weapon to wield.
Could we be here to just create
Feasibly that truly could be our exact fate,
Our soul is to satisfy, and our mind is to justify
Or maybe we are meant to serve and to donate.
Perchance we are here because of luck
And all that we care about is making a buck,
That rumour I would deny, and I hope that evolution is a lie
I don't want to think that my family came from muck.
God willing we are here and it's not by chance
Hopefully we are here by love, and then for romance,
To that revelation I would cry, with a cheerful sigh
Knowing that was life's true circumstance.
Maybe our existence was for the Almighty to rest
Then we are watched as we take life's quest,
Our race is over when we die, as we say goodbye
Then God, will give us all our final test.

Randy L. McClave

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