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What Is The Point Of War

What is the point of war,
Is it that people are evil and they just want more.

Why do people want to go and fight in a different land,
Why not stay at home and build, as they had once planned.

Has people become so hateful and greedy,
That they want to kill and destroy and make other people needy.

I wonder why these same people always put God in their equation,
Does God want his children to kill, and then to ravage a country or a nation.

When people say that they knew not what was going on,
Did they just turn their heads, as though loathing and gluttony was gone.

I wonder why they despise that country way over there,
Is it because of what they own, or maybe how they say a prayer.

Children are walking about with sticks and rocks and their little trifles,
Tomorrow they might be wearing uniforms, and carrying rifles.

People that kill and steal they are judged and then sent to jail,
Then when they die, they will be judged again, and then sent to hell.

If of war people say that they are truly ashamed,
Then who fired the bullets, and who has been blamed,

If people are indeed so mortified of war,
Then who had asked, and wanted, and screamed for more.

Randy L. McClave

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To keep the population down.. And soon they will use decease.. iip