(1976 BC / Virothiom)

What Is There?

what is there they asked
what is there so shiny so far
what is there is it a city a mountain an ocean
what is there they asked
and someone from the crowd replies
u can go there
u can ask things
u can say what u like
but beware
if the nightwolfs see u wa lkin in the woods in the night
they 'll take u in their dark kingdom
of lust and total fear but full adventure
what is further away from the silver ocean
there lives a sorcerer
a white one
lookin for star dust
and the elixir of wisdom
what is there
what is there
its everything u might wish to see sense taste
there might be something u fear the most
to the whathere u can reveal ur secrets to urself
and blame the buttler of ur soul that he took advantage
of ur miracles
what is there what is there
it the buttler boilin mushroom butter
boilin the miracles of the soul
he is the secret servant of the warewolves
oh no i wont go there
but i m afraid u have to
it s the only way to salvation
what salvation
ur souls salvation
so i walked durin the day
and hide durin the night
what is there was a dune in the sky
now a fallen earth dessert
the sorcerer came to my aid
but he lost the sense of smell from the carnivorous dessert bees
so his only weapon was his wand
full of precious stones of planet Farthala

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