What Is This...

What is this...
Life process.
What is that...
Reality some perceive,
The quality of it is better lived.
If done correctly.
With a teaching of a taught,
Proper etiquette.

What is this...
Profiling that chooses and selects.
Who does and does not,
Represents their acceptance.
To then determine perfection,
Has qualified them to have achieved.
Based upon appearances alone.
Without it to question,
Substance or thought has depth condoned.

What is this...
Manifested to delete truth.
What is this...
Permitted to perpetuate,
More of it to produce.

What is this...
No longer dysfunctional.
But a raging craze.
What is this...
Many have chosen to decide.
Feeding upon it to crave.
Ultimately adds,
A quality to their lives.
And envied by others.
Who threaten to ruin,
An infested yet digested...
Monopolized enterprise.
Isolated to blind more eyes.
Hypnotized and unconscious of it.
What is this...
Fed and accepted sickness!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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