(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

What Is This All About

That may be.
But none of it attempts to erase,
Or shy away from reality.

No one should consider truth that way.
But it isn't embraced.
In fact,
It is hated by those nurtured on delusion.

To implement it.
A deceit free society.
Even if minds have been fantasized.

Expected outcome?
Civil unrest with protest unaccepting...
An honesty folks have never received.
Folks will argue with talk show hosts,
Seething about their standards of life.
And how that has been devalued...
By those not strong enough,
To keep them from putting their hands...
In the cookie jar,
Over and over and over again.

They want to blame him for not omitting them.
But has anyone refused them?
Who did not accept them?

What is this all about?
Cowboys and Indians.
Hosted by the Chinese,
Who love those Jungle Bunnies!

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