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What Is Time
GS (April 7 1936 / Moe Victoria Australia)

What Is Time

Poem By George Savige

It's time that marches,
So they say.
Where is it going?
Tell me pray.

It marches on
And ever on.
Some time is lost,
But never gone.

It's always there
For you and me.
We often waste it

But we can use it
'Till we die,
Or sit and watch it
Slipping by.

It can't be bought;
It can't be sold.
And time goes faster
When we're old.

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Comments (2)

No time was wasted writing or reading this poem. An excellent poem worthy of its subject.10+
I like this poem George. I know I feel time going faster each day.........I remember my dad saying this and I thought he was crazy, now I understand. Very nice poem. sincerely, Mary