RW (November 5,1968 / Opp, Alabama)

What Is Time?

What is time?
Can mankind refine it?
Can he define it?
Should he discover it's secrets,
could he outshine it?

What is time?
It is ever-flowing
always going,
never stopping,
never slowing.

What is time?
Is it moments that we share?
The loving times we care?
Is it something we can touch?
Or magic in the air?

What is time?
Should we wonder all day,
this much I can say,
time is what you make it!
So take time to play!

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There is a proverb 'Time and Tide waits for no man.' Time has no beginning or end and is relative with reference to some object. It goes on and on as written in this poem, without waiting for the events that take place during its course. A well conceived poem.