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What Is To Be (A Song)

The reality of what is to be
Is that I never stopped loving you
Throughout all the years the fallen tears
Held truth to all my fears

The cloudy days that came my way
The lonesome that stayed on my mind
The not holding you held witness the truth
The I love you on all valentines

The missing you and the hurt that came too
And they emptiness that stayed inside
And the heart that knew from the start
I was living but was living a lie

The living my life but yet not alive
And watching the years go bye
The secret kept true of my loving you
Kept hidden behind these eyes

So once in a while I write to my self
I write the words the heart wants to say
And then I’ll come back and I’ll read through the lines
Well the truth is, tears have their way

Throughout all the years I can’t count the tears
I kept true to all my worst fears
What is hidden in me and that I can’t set free
Is that I never stopped loving you

Copyright 2006 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar

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