What Is True Love?

True love, is when one wants more for those they love,
then they would want for themselves.

Love, in its purest form, means, that you want
more for those you love, then you do for
yourself. That you care for those you love,
more than you care for yourself.

Can anyone truly love another without
feeling this way? I think not.
When one loves another, there is not the least hesitation
in putting that person first. With little regard for ones
personal feelings, or desires, love compels you
to put the one who is loved...first.

Human frailties become an integral part of love. I
like so many others, at times, are blinded by
'what we want' as opposed to what our loved
ones need from us. Occasionally, if this happens,
on an infrequent basis, it is not really selfish, self indulgent
or uncaring, it's simply being what we are. Human.

They have been times when one finds themselves doing
just that, and then in reflection, one shall always regret
it. One must try, as much as humanly possible, to put those you
love, before the trivial wants of yourself. After all, when
one truly reflects on most of their wants, are they not
really just that? Trivial.

Love keeps the sprit and soul alive and without ones
love ones, their being, their sprit, their soul, would surely
perished, in relationship to any true existence.

One must find the power to harness any moments of
anger and remember that anger is the roadblock
to all that is worthwhile and meaningful in life.

Seek the ability, to sprinkle the goodness
within you and to make your loves ones life
better...because you are. Have the wisdom
to know, that if your want to change the world for the better,
it starts with all of us, by our being better.

May you have patience and understanding. The more
fortunate among us, have the kind of love, that fills the
empty spaces and solitary moments of life.

May He watch over and bless you and yours.

© Joe Fazio

by Joe Fazio (best of)

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