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What Is True Love Worth...

His family standing by
He tries hard not to cry
They are all there standing tall
But he's weak, faint and ready to fall

He screams at the top of his lungs
And they scream back your too young
He's sick of people telling him how to feel
When he knows his feelings are so real

You can clearly see the pain he's in
As he's reminded of how his existence is sin
He can't understand why he is this way
He cries himself to sleep at the end of each day

The pillow wet and covered in tears
He lays in his bed hiding from his fears
Nobody's there to tell him he's alright
Instead he's all alone all through the night

He had a dream once upon a time
A dream where he use to be mine
We would live forever side by side
Until the day when we died

This world this dream is slowly dying
And soon there we be no more crying
It'll be forgotten and no longer pursued
But for me I'm getting it tattooed

A mark on my body to remind me of
Once upon a time, I was in love
Its a stamp and ownership on my soul
Until he returns, I will never be whole

I gave him my heart and there it will stay
This will remain true when he takes it to the grave

March 12,2009
Connor Greene

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Comments (1) are U? nice to know u here...btw U write such a 'broken heart' poem....oh ya may be u could read my poem and U find the answer What is true love worth...? (